About Us

About Us

"Maintaining the true standards of Aayumantra with a specific end goal to spread wellbeing and prosperity around the world."

Aayumantra urges a thorough way to deal with wellbeing, which comprehends the person as an unpredictable blend of components equipped for being brought into congruity. We are focused on improving inspiration and prosperity in people, nature and the worldwide group.

Aayumantra is occupied with the assembling of Ayurvedic plans, nourishment supplements and ayurvedic prescriptions as tablets, syrups, oils and glues. It is likewise fabricating a scope of items for individual care, makeup, teas, espresso substitutes, nourishment and drinks, in understanding to the rules of Aayumantra.

It is the dedication towards comprehensive approach of Aayumantra and the commitment of profoundly qualified Vaidyas, researchers, producing scientific experts and different specialists that make Aayumantra recognized and lifts it from some other organizations occupied with comparative exercises. Behind the arrangement of Aayumantra is a group of specialists drove by exceptionally experienced world acclaimed vaidyas,

Aayumantra is one stop arrangement as overall look for a more compelling arrangement of wellbeing, which is acclaimed free from hurtful symptoms, is counteractive action situated and fit for dispensing with sickness and its source. It gives a cutting edge understanding into old framework.

It is the entire recovery of the convention of Aayumantra which comes to us from the antiquated vedic human progress of India. The objectives of Aayumantra are to safeguard wellbeing, by making a dynamic individual and a sickness free society. It is proper to state that Aayumantra is an examination based association and a considerable lot of its items have experienced Research/clinical trials in India and also abroad.

Aayumantra depicts wellbeing as ideal adjust of the three Doshas and irregularity as essential reason for all infections. Aayumantra takes out irregularity from the most key level of life, unadulterated awareness and re-builds up the common interconnectedness of cognizance and physiology, conduct and condition. Wellbeing in this setting is characterized as impeccable adjust and wholeness of life.

We expect to influence vital commitment to current wellbeing to mind that it Cookies sickness at its source instead of only appeasing side effects. The premise lies in counteractive action and in fortifying the body's own particular internal insight to keep up consummate wellbeing.